7-month-old boy left brain-damaged after savaged by 2 pit bulls when babysitter went on errands

The child, apart from suffering lacerations, has a fractured skull, broken nose, and loss of prior motor skills

WASHINGTON, DC: A seven-month-old child has been left with horrific injuries after he was attacked by two pit bulls on November 3, while the babysitter ran errands leaving the infant with her daughter. The child, Semaj S, apart from suffering lacerations, has a fractured skull, broken nose, and loss of prior motor skills. After the attack, Semaj was rushed straight to ICU where 'life-saving methods' were used. Miraculously the newborn had to be resuscitated after his heart stopped for almost 30 minutes in the ICU.

The grandfather Dajuane Goode, 46 said Semaj was at the babysitter's house when her daughter unlocked their cellar door, allowing the pit bulls to escape and attack the small boy in his walker, biting his head, face, and chest and as per a report the gruesomeness of injuries will lead to future brain damage of the child as currently, he is unable to breathe on his own.

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"When I arrived at the hospital, they told me that Semaj's heart had stopped beating and he was out for about 20 to 30 minutes. They had to resuscitate him and had to do three sets of reps to bring him back to life," Daily Mail quoted his heartbroken mom, Derica, 25, as saying. The dogs reportedly belonged to the babysitter's boyfriend and have since been seized and euthanized.

Derica has been staying by Semaj's side as the baby has lost a lot of blood with doctors at some point giving up hope about his survival. "Whilst in the ER, they said he might not make it. They also stated that he lost a lot of blood and that his little heart may stop again. I will never leave Semaj's side - I have been with him since the day of the incident." Derica said. On November 17, Semaj was moved from the ICU. Dajuane said the family had used the babysitter before, so they had no reason to be cautious. However, they have not spoken to her since the shocking incident.

On the GoFundMe page, the family said, "Donations for Semaj S will be distributed to his mother Derica S. for current and future medical needs, Semaj will need 24-hour attention for a period of time, along with other equipment to make his life a little more comfortable. Thank you on behalf of Semaj and his mother." As per the page, Semaj was out of the hospital on December 5. While sharing an update, the family said, "And here Semaj is finally out of the hospital. Praise GOD for his Mercy," along with Semaj's picture after post horrible attack.