BREAKING: Actress Liz Hurley Speaks Out On Taking Prince Harry's V***ity

British actress Elizabeth Hurley is finally speaking out about the controversial rumors regarding her taking away Prince
Harry's virginity.

The stellar superstar has opened up on the highly discussed rumor that had social media fans abuzz as to whether or not it was true.

The news related to her taking away the Prince's V-card when he was a teen as the couple was reportedly dating a while back. But she boldly denied all such claims and stated she never had an intimate relationship with the Duke of Sussex, despite what the tabloids may be saying about her.

It appears the timing of such a debate is crucial as it comes when the Prince is all geared up to address the claims in his new book that many deem to be an absolute bombshell in the new memoir called Spare.

As recently unveiled by a report in The Times, Harry is going on and on about his encounter with the much older but beautiful woman who took his virginity in the countryside. But he failed to name her, as did the press. And that has people thinking about who it could be.

With the paper pointing direct fingers at Hurley, the actress and model really laughed it all off by mentioning that all those suggesting that it's her really need to calm down.

"Not me at all. I am not guilty. Ha!"- she exclaimed. "No, not me! Absolutely not!"-she reiterated.

What is even funnier is how the paper went on about Harry's wife Meghan having a girl crush on Liz Hurley in one of her blogs that got published n 2015.

We're not quite sure what she would make out about such rumors taking place at this moment. What do you think?